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Hollywood Khabar is a Nepali Online News Portal. Many of the movies and television shows you watch are products of that famous town in Southern California known as Hollywood. Hollywood is an area located to the west and northwest of downtown Los Angeles, California. Throughout history, Hollywood has been the home of movie stars and movie studios. When you think of the center of the American entertainment industry, you think of Hollywood.

We operate hollywoodkhabara.com from The State of California, USA. hollywoodkhabar.com is a site we post news, articles, much entertaintment materials, talks, glamor and social activities report. We focus socio-cultural life of the people and off Course Non-Resident Nepali activies globally. We capture public programs and live cast throughtout our social media facebook like page https://www.facebook.com  and twitter @HollywoodKhabar


  1. Krishna KC-Founder/CEO/Editor in Chief, USA
  2. Radio Sanjiwani 89 MHZ-Nepal
  3. Soni Sharma-Nepal
  4. Puspa Thapa, Europe
  5. Santosh Paranami Dahal-Nepal
  6. Rashmi Thapa-Canada
  7. Diksha Basnet-USA

Team of Advisors

  1. Bashu D Phulara, Esq, New York
  2. Ravi Adhikari, San Francisco
  3. Trishna Kunwar, Las Angeles
  4. Manoj Ghimire, San Francisco